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Myth Busters: Will the Acoustic Treatments Impact my Interior Design Intentions?

Architects and interior designers have a unique approach to details, so naturally one of the most common questions they ask us is: “Will the acoustic materials proposed by acoustic engineers impact my planned design?”

The answer is simple: No, they won´t! Any acoustic treatment should look as great as it sounds!

Acoustic materials are like camouflage: versatile and adaptable to the client’s desires and creative approaches. In any space, whether it is an office, school, hotel, or other space, you can achieve the interior design you want and at the same time accomplish all the acoustic goals.

Imagine that you wish to have a wall with a specific print, however, you are afraid that the proposed sound-absorbing panels could negatively impact your initial design.

No worries! You can achieve the same design by adapting an absorbing panel and printing the exact design into the finishing layer of the acoustic panel, while at the same time improving the sound quality of the room and optimizing users’ comfort.

Now judge by yourself! Here are some pictures of projects where we worked closely with interior designers, and as you can see, the results are stunning for both the eyes & the ears.

Example #1: Bar Before & After Acoustic Design

3D design renders of The Cut Rooftop Bar in Shanghai before implementing the acoustic materials. Designed by NE-ON 欧笙 and STUDIO FDA 欧笙建筑.

Real picture of The Cut Rooftop Bar in Shanghai taken after implementation of acoustic materials.

Example #2: Meeting Room Before & After Acoustic Design

3D design renders of Element Plus offices in Shanghai before implementing the acoustic materials. Designed by Robarts Spaces.

Real picture of Element Plus offices in Shanghai taken after implementation of acoustic materials.