Naturally Good Acoustics for This Natural School!

One of the particularities of the Lezat sur Leze elementary school, is that the project was designed in a way that allows the building to fit naturally into the environment. The result is an educational facility that does not impact or change the existing landscape, and still provides a protected area for students to learn!

The school itself is made up of six general classrooms, a science and computer class, an arts & crafts class, a library, a multipurpose room, administrative offices and most notably, a great classroom area for students with learning disabilities.

Another interesting aspect of this project is that it has multiple green building certifications. The wooden cladding structure helped to achieve the BBC Building accreditation. Our acoustic calculations & design achieved the acoustic standards for HQE certification.

Our mission took into account all the acoustic aspects of a school project. That includes reverberation, insulation, impact noise, technical equipment noise and façade/roof insulation against external noise like nearby roads.

All these acoustic treatments play an important role in enhancing the learning environment of the students and future generations. We’re so grateful to be a part of this change!