Achieving Noise Control for Jose Cabanis School


Ville de Balma


3,161 m²


Balma, France


Architecture 360°

The Jose Cabanis School project located in Balma offers a complete learning environment and a high-quality infrastructure for student and teacher wellbeing. It includes 5 kindergarten rooms, 9 elementary classes, workshops rooms, a daycare center, library, multipurpose room (for sports & events), a canteen, and a nursing room.

This project became unique when it aimed for multi green certification achievement including HQE, BREEAM, BBC, Effinergie and H&E standards. Delhom Acoustique’s team helped to make these green building requirements a reality, by managing all the acoustic aspects of the premises, including:

  • Internal acoustics (reverberation) for all the rooms, guaranteeing the acoustic comfort and sound quality in sensitive areas
  • Airborne sound insulation, adapting the soundproofing of classrooms from adjacent areas
  • Impact sound insulation, to avoid the noise produced by different vibrations to access the areas of study
  • Treatments to avoid technical equipment noises and vibration

Mission accomplished! By working from the beginning of the project, we delivered sound comfort for students to enjoy a stimulating environment for learning, self-discovery, and personal development.