Acoustic Design for Sam Lord’s Castle Hotel Renovation in Barbados

Sam Lord’s Castle – a beautiful Georgian mansion built in the 1820s located in the Caribbean paradise of Barbados – is currently being renovated into the Barbados Wyndham Grand hotel.

By participating in the design stage of the hotel’s renovation, the Delhom Acoustics team had the privilege of bringing their acoustic engineering expertise to help Hongtao Group’s team of designers and architects manage the hotel’s soundscape.

The project’s architecture and design team understood the significant role that sound perception plays in a hotel’s guest experience. It was, therefore, easier to coordinate with them to implement acoustic solutions where it was necessary.

Generally speaking, there are multiple noise challenges present in hotels, since each area is dedicated to a specific purpose. This means each specific space needs a specific acoustic requirement. For example, the reverberation target in a ballroom will differ from the reverberation target of a lobby, because the volume, the occupancy, and the activity conducted is different.

For this project, the main role of our acoustic consultants consisted in helping create the proper sound environment across public and private areas, especially guestrooms and ballrooms – the most noise-sensitive areas in Sam Lord’s Castle Hotel.

In order to do so, we analyzed each area’s needs, defined the right acoustic targets, and properly advised on the acoustic design. The main noise challenges we had to solve include:

  • Airborne sound insulation control, for proper confidentiality and privacy between spaces.
  • Reverberation in large volume spaces to ensure the quality of sound, verbal communication, and optimize the ambient sound comfort.
  • Noise control of the ventilation system.

We are pleased to have been appointed at the very beginning of this incredible renovation to understand the existing acoustic performance of the building. This made the financial and timely optimization of the acoustic treatments possible.

We would like to thank all our partners involved in the process, especially our client – Hongtao Group, for trusting our acoustics expertise in the hospitality industry and bringing us on board for this tropical project.

We can’t wait for the hotel to open up with a new look and superb sound environment, to welcome visitors from around the globe with an invisible and amazing sound comfort… by the beach!