Acoustic Design Guidelines for Modern Hotel Line: WINK Hotel Danang Centre, Vietnam

WINK Hotels is a line of sleek, modern, and affordable hotels targeting a younger generation of travelers, developed by Indochina Kajima (ICK), a leading Vietnamese – Japanese joint venture development company.

Our involvement in the WINK projects and the cooperation with ICK started with the acoustic audit of their first completed project: WINK Hotel in Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Ho Chi Minh City.

As the hotel was already in operation, our role consisted in carrying out the analysis and evaluation of the building’s current acoustic performance, from public areas to the façade and the guestrooms. Background noise, impact noise, sound insulation, and reverberation were all tested during the audit.

Since ICK is planning on developing multiple other locations in the upcoming years, it was important for them to create acoustic guidelines and standards for their brand. With real-life data collected from their first location, we were able to understand their building’s acoustic situation and provide improvement guidelines for future projects.


WINK Hotel Saigon Centre, our first cooperation for acoustic auditing of the operated building.

By sitting down and working closely with their operator team, we were able to understand what their brand represents and the atmosphere they want to bring to their customers. This was then translated into acoustic standards that can be used across all their future WINK brands, in an effort to standardize the acoustic comfort of each venue.

One of the particularities we found during the auditing process, was an issue with the existing window system. Changing the windows and frames across the entire façade would have been a costly and not the most optimized solution for the client, so our engineering team focused on improving the weak points found during the audit – in this case, the window frames – to reduce the noise intrusion from road noise, in a cost-effective way.


A key part of our acoustic treatments was insulating the façade by improving the weak points in the window system.

The challenge: busy roads and surrounding buildings

Indochina Kajima brought us on board to take on the acoustic design of seven projects, including the WINK Hotels in Danang city, in the buzzing downtown area.

The location of Wink Hotel in Danang presented a particular challenge: it is situated on the busy Tran Phu Road. A hotel adjacent to a noisy road can truly degrade the customer experience, as it can present noise disturbances for people in their guestrooms.


Wink Hotel Danang Centre is in the heart of a busy residential district.

How did we help overcome the challenge?

During the environmental survey conducted by our Vietnam team, we were able to assess the potential impact of that road by collecting noise data from traffic. We then modeled the project to see which areas were most at risk of being disturbed by the road noise, and defined solutions for these areas. By doing so, construction costs are lowered due to the solutions addressing only the weak points.

Apart from looking at the façade of the project, our team also works with the architects and interior designers of the project – Van Aelst & Nguyen Partners – on the sound insulation, to provide intimacy and privacy to guests, by blocking noise from traveling through sensitive areas such as the guestrooms.

Technical equipment noise, background noise levels coming from HVAC, impact noise, and reverberation was also addressed in the study.


The hotel is on the main Tran Phu Road in downtown Danang

Acoustic comfort for the whole hotel line

The WINK projects are a fantastic group of hotels that we are delighted to be appointed for on the acoustic engineering aspects. Helping a young brand in its early years to offer the same acoustic quality across all its locations is an exciting role for our team and crucial for customer satisfaction.

By offering acoustic comfort to its clients, WINK can differentiate itself on the market by creating a comfortable space for its clients, away from noise disturbances. A big thank you to our client ICK and our partners Van Aelst I Nguyen & Partners for cooperating and involving us in this project!

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