Acoustic Design: Key Element for TSUBO’s Store Differentiation

TSUBO, the high-end outdoor fashion company that devotes itself to connecting artisanal savoir-faire through its footwear crafts with their clients – stylish adventurers – has just opened their first LEED-certified Flagship Store in Shanghai.

This newest establishment takes its customer experience to a whole new sensorial level.

These four acoustic aspects inside the shop were key to differentiate TSUBO’s brand while attracting and retaining loyal customers:

1- The store is located in the middle of a crowded commercial area in Shanghai, meaning “Noooise”! It was therefore important to prevent outside noise from impacting the peaceful interior ambiance.

2- From the moment they enter the shop until they complete their retail journey, customers are welcomed with sound comfort for a true authentic experience.

3- Inside there is also an exhibition and office area for TSUBO team. These spaces differed from the retail spaces and had to be treated with different acoustic targets in mind. Quieter areas for employees’ productivity on one side, and an engaging shopping experience for shoppers on the other!

4- The sound system equipped in the office space plays an important role: it hides the unwanted noise coming from outside the store, which helps the team feel immersed and part of the TSUBO experience, disconnecting them from the outside world and escaping from the daily routine.

By cooperating hand in hand with French House’s creative interior design team from the first stage of the design phase, our acoustic engineering team was able to calculate and recommend the right acoustic solutions for TSUBO store and office space.

In the end, a great collaboration resulted in a beautiful, natural-look store with a calm ambiance!

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