L’ESCAL Cultural Center: Designing the Acoustics

L’ESCAL cultural center in Nailloux was inaugurated in September 2015.

Its purpose: to promote cultural enrichment by giving the town’s inhabitants access to different leisure spaces. These spaces include a contemporary art exhibition center, dance rooms, a performance hall, a library and a dojo area to practice martial arts.

The Delhom Acoustique team ensured that the sound experience was fully optimized by accompanying the project contractors from the beginning of the construction phase, until its completion.

We performed a full acoustic study for each area of the building. This consisted in following and monitoring each stage, to guarantee the right implementation of acoustic materials and achieve the acoustic targets.

By treating the noise, the town’s occupants are happy to return once again at L’ESCAL, for an exhibition, to read a good book or for some good old Kung Fu action!