Acoustic Solutions for Decathlon’s HQ Offices

In 2017, DECATHLON hired DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE on a mission for its China Headquarters in Pudong, Shanghai. Indeed, the world’s largest sporting goods retailer named the building “China Lab”: an 11-store complex featuring facilities both for staff and customers. The complex includes an experience center, fitness center, outdoor playground, cultural communication center and office space (1 000 Decathlon staff).

The acoustic challenge in the open office part was mainly to facilitate communication between workers close by while limiting propagation of voices and sound, to diminish speech intelligibility between co-workers far away, hence limiting distractions. We offered simple solutions to a complex problem.

We defined the different acoustic treatments principle for office spaces (individual and collaborative). We also gave advice on airborne sound insulation systems to adapt the soundproofing of each space to its function, impact noise, equipment noise and sound masking.