Acoustic Study for Candi Shop Lounge in Vietnam

Candi Shop is an underground cocktail lounge and nightclub located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With its mysterious concept, it has become a well-known place among the Saigon elite for its unique colorful interior design and dazzling music performance.

Our team in Vietnam was contacted to support Candi Shop to design the acoustic sound insulation to prevent potential noise issues with neighboring areas.

At first glance, there were a few challenges that made the project even more acoustically interesting.

  1. Candi Shop is located in the basement 1 and 2 of a hotel building and surrounded by prestigious establishments such as Park Hyatt, the Saigon Opera and high-end F&B spots. Naturally, being located in a highly noise sensitive area, our client demanded the highest level of discretion, by blocking noise coming from the club. To add to the fun, the Candi Shop Club came fully equipped with Void Sound Systems, which are well known for their power.
  2. After our initial project review, in order to avoid disturbing the surrounding areas, the acoustic targets defined were high in terms of sound insulation. Therefore, our acoustic engineers implemented the “box-in-box” acoustic treatment to block the noise source from impacting the main structure of the building.
    However, due to the space being located within a limited underground space, this approach required a great effort & coordination between the interior design and our acoustic engineering team to create as much space for users and minimal thickness for the box’s layer.
  3. We were appointed during the construction phase of the project, so our design had to work around existing constraints. By working in close cooperation with the interior designers – Noor Design, we successfully assisted Candi Shop to reuse many of the already bought materials, thus, minimizing the expenditures related to acoustic treatments. This truly showed the importance of having acoustic consultants in the team from the beginning phase of any project.

A well thought acoustic design is the secret to the incredible experience at Candi Shop, especially for everyone’s wellbeing outside of the venue!

We are glad to have been able to participate in the protection of the neighborhood’s peace and help Candi Shop stay open by complying with local noise regulations, thanks to another good fight against noise pollution!

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