Kudos’ Offices: A New Acoustically Treated Workspace for Employees’ Comfort

KUDOS Offices in Shanghai, China

KUDOS – the leading 3D & Gaming Art Production Studio in Asia – was seeking out a full acoustic study for its brand-new agency’s office in Shanghai. In partnership with SPARK Design and JLL, our Delhom Acoustics team in China had the privilege to bring its acoustic consulting service to this one-of-a-kind office space. 

Within KUDOS’ new office design, there were various sensitive areas to focus on, such as sound rooms, mixing rooms, foley rooms, broadcasting rooms, and many more. This created a particular challenge to overcome in terms of noise control since every space needed distinct sound treatments to fully achieve their optimum performance. 

Therefore, the main acoustic objectives for this project included: 

• Perfect listening comfort and adapted verbal communication quality for each space. 

Appropriate airborne insulation and privacy for meeting rooms and adjacent sound rooms. 

• Management of ventilation noise installations. 

To fulfill the above missions, we started the project early with an initial audit of the premises to understand the existing situation regarding the background noise. After that, a detailed review and analysis of the layout were conducted to highlight the potential issues and other constraints that could arise during the project. 

One of the challenging highlights of the project could be the schedule which had a very short construction timeline. During that time, several discussions, software simulations, and configurations were run, in order to optimize the solution with the budget, the schedule, the design, and the acoustic aspects of the space. 

We would like to give a thank you to everyone at KUDOS for involving us in this exciting huge project. Also, it was our honor to work with the SPARK Design and JLL teams. We have received a lot of support and trust from our partners, and finally, this acoustic job could not have been done without the hard work from our fantastic Shanghai team! 

The KUDOS office is now in operation, and we are happy to say that with the acoustic comfort, the artists there will be able to work in an engaging environment and give their best performance.