Acoustic Studies for Sun Group’s Multi-purpose Center in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc Sales Center (Sun Signature Gallery)

Managed by Sun Group, Phu Quoc Sales Center is a multi-purpose hall located in the heart of Sun Premier Village Primavera – a gorgeous destination inspired by a Mediterranean seaside town.  

Already working on multiple projects together, Sun Group sought our support for a full-scope acoustic design for its new facility dedicated to showcasing their projects to clients and hosting events throughout the year. 

The center is comprised of different spaces: from a commercial area (sale gallery of Sun Group’s properties) to entertainment areas (grand ballroom and private cinema), and even working spaces (meeting rooms and Sun Group’s administrative offices).

Acoustically speaking, this is a big sound challenge for our team since every space needs a distinct acoustic requirement and target. Maintaining a proper soundscape contributes to the highly effective function of each space. Additionally, each space is big and large – the ballroom is the size of a cathedral – this truly pushed the acoustic challenge to another level!

Through the collaboration with the Delhom team in our previous projects, Sun Group is fully aware of the benefits of having acoustics on board as soon as possible when a project starts. This practice allowed us to join the project at the beginning of the design phase, enabling smooth coordination with the interior designer & architect – Bill Bensley.

Our acoustic design focused on the venue’s sensitive areas, especially the ballroom, the technical equipment rooms, and the cinema, with the below targets:

Maintaining optimized reverberation levels within open and large spaces (lobby, ballroom, cinema).

Ensure the internal sound insulation between the technical rooms and other sensitive areas.

Keep a low level of background noise (HVAC noise)

Adapt the original design intention with acoustic materials (wall and ceiling compositions).

With this fantastic outcome, we would like to send a big thank you to all the parties involved, especially Sun Group for entrusting us with another project and Mr. Lan (project manager and coordinator), who supported our team to make the acoustic magic happen, and the Bill Bensley team!

In the end, the results of the sound quality in the spaces speak for themselves, with great speech intelligibility for an enhanced visitor experience!