An Acoustically & Eco-Friendly Sports Center

The Pibrac Gymnasium project was carefully thought out to become environmentally friendly.

In order to do so, the design was adapted to use natural lighting, and solar energy for water heating. This 1,800 m2 sports center hosts regional and national sports tournaments such as handball, basketball, etc. The second smaller 200m2 room is dedicated to dance and gymnastics and can accommodate 260 people in the stands. It also houses dedicated spaces for people with disabilities.

Nowadays, within these facilities, all visitors and users can enjoy an energetic time in a noise-free environment! Our team of acoustic engineers carried out a specific acoustic study ensuring that all the following elements were well controlled:

  • Sound insulation between all the rooms
  • The impact noise during games that can travel through the structure
  • The room reverberation and noisy echo
  • The indoor/outdoor transmission of technical equipment noise

Controlling the sound in the gym areas makes the sport more enjoyable for players and spectators alike, thanks to a great auditory experience!