Acoustics for ships: the silent PassPartout cruise!

Acoustics for ships is a precise and exciting science. Recently, we worked with the French innovative shipyard company ODC Marine, who specializes in aluminum boat design and manufacturing since 2006. All their passenger boats, working ships and fishing boats are 100% electric and hybrid. Their latest 12m hybrid boat “Le Pass’Partout” achieved many milestones, including becoming a silent cruise. For this vehicle, our acoustic specialists carefully controlled machinery noise levels to around 70dB(A). Furthermore, these levels are reached while the boat is at cruising speed and full capacity in the lounge!

To compare, the noise inside an automobile driving at 90km/h is also around 70dB(A). In other words, the sound comfort results inside this ship are highly satisfying!

Since 2017, our Delhom Acoustics team based in Shanghai (China) has been involved and work closely with ODC Marine on the acoustics for ships. Since then, our acoustic engineers are focused on the continuous improvement of noise control aboard ODC Marine boats.

Innovators like ODC Marine are fully aware of the importance of wellbeing and health onboard their ships. Therefore, it is crucial for them to control the noise generated by their vessels. By working closely together, we offered a silent cruise experience to all passengers and crew members!