Bringing Acoustic Design to Curio Collection, a World-class Hilton Hotel Brand

Curio Collection, one of the most prestigious brands managed by Hilton Hotel Group, is brought to Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, for the first time by Sun Group – one of the leading real estate developers in the country.

Since our arrival in Vietnam, we have been working with Sun Group on multiple hospitality projects for the last years, such as the famous Ba Na Hills theme park & resort in Da Nang, Vietnam. After building a client relationship based on satisfaction and trust, our team continues to support Sun Group by helping them achieve Hilton’s acoustic standards.

In this luxurious hotel, noise control is a top priority and a key differentiation point for enhancing the customer experience and loyalty.

Thus, to accomplish the required acoustic performance standards, our acoustic engineering team in Vietnam provides a full-scope acoustic study for managing the noise of sensitive areas of the hotel such as the guestrooms, restaurant & bar areas, and the business center’s offices and meeting rooms.

The acoustic aspects we studied include:

  • Façades and roof insulation against outdoor noises (from the nearby roads, tourist attractions, sea, etc.);
  • Airborne sound insulation to adapt each space’s function;
  • Reverberation treatments in large spaces like restaurants, lobby, and bars to guarantee the quality of sound & optimize user comfort;
  • Noise control for technical equipment such as generators, AHU, cooling towers, as well as controlling the indoor background noise coming from HVAC systems;
  • An adapted flooring solution for impact noise insulation (of the rooms on different floors – both vertically and horizontally).

As this project was a renovation of a previous building built by Sun Group, we performed on-site measurements at the very beginning to understand the existing acoustic performance of the building, and later optimize the proposed solutions to save time and financial investment.

We would of course like to thank all our partners involved in the process, especially Mr. Viet and Mr. Lan, the project manager and the project coordinators from Sun Group, who supported our team for a smooth project workflow.

Soon, the visitors of Hilton Curio Phu Quoc will not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of Emerald Beach but also experience world-class facilities with amazing soundscapes, at this iconic luxury hotel.