Ceetrus Mall: Shopping in complete Sound Comfort!

Ceetrus (Previously named Immochan) is a mixed-use real estate developer with 40 years of experience in the commercial centers’ sector. They are managing over 400 shopping centers around the world. Ceetrus integrates various functions to their sites (housing, offices, leisure activities, culture & urban infrastructure), and masters all aspects of planning, developing, on-site operations, investing and innovating.

Being one of the pioneers of large commercial centers in 12 regions and countries across Europa and Asia, they decided to open two brand new malls in Shanghai and Jiaxing, China. The retail centers opened their doors to the public in December 2018.

Ceetrus being very customer-oriented, wanted to enhance the shopping experience in the center by creating common spaces perfect for social connections.

Acoustic is for them a key aspect that enhances and strengthens these social gatherings. Therefore, special attention was brought to the food court and kids’ area in terms of acoustic treatments.

These types of spaces have a lot of traffic and are subject to noise. To satisfy the project’s requirements, we adjusted the acoustic properties of the interior design finishing materials, while respecting the initial interior design.

This allowed us to achieve the correct speech intelligibility, limit & avoid the “hubbub” effect and reduce noise propagation.

Now parents can watch their kids without dreading the yells & shouts, while foodies in the food court can enjoy their food while still being able to communicate clearly with their fellow foodies.