db86: a DJ Academy With Extraordinary Sound Experience!

dB86 Music Entertainment is an EDM academy which has as goal to educate, train and deliver the next generation of DJ superstars from China while providing management, label, and booking services to its signed artists.

Since early July 2019, acoustic engineers from DELHOM ACOUSTIQUE, in collaboration with award-winning interior design consultants Atelier Zerebecky, have carried out a number of acoustic studies related to the improvement of the airborne sound insulation and sound quality.

As it is located in the B2 Level of the Shanghai Culture Square (one of Shanghai’s most notable urban planning projects in recent years), you can imagine that soundproofing is a key acoustic aspect of the project.

From the concept to the definition of numerous acoustic treatments, we enhanced the sound quality and optimized music perception in multiple spaces of the project such as classrooms, rehearsal studios, and DJ booths.

The Academy’s club lounge will feature particularly efficient and soundproofed acoustic comfort, while using innovative absorbent materials to welcome live performers during their events.

Co-founded by Ash Pournouri, Hugo Langras, Steve Pillemer and Eric He, dB86 academy is set to become one of the leading EDM training projects.