Enjoy your Karaoke Time with Acoustic Comfortat Chamber28 KTV Beijing

Chamber 28 KTV in Beijing, China

“If you visit China you must go to a KTV!” 

KTVs are one of the most popular entertainment venues in China. Inside these private karaoke rooms, you will find music, loudspeakers, and singing (not always in tune). 

Although the good sound quality in KTVs should naturally be an important factor to keep in mind, acoustic comfort is often neglected when designing these types of spaces.  

The infamous partying atmosphere with families and friends makes way for loud cacophonies that can easily be noticed and heard from outside. This leads to a less pleasant and impersonal experience due to sound leaking from one private room to another. 

On top of that, the proper management of soundproofing systems and listening comfort not only improves the customer experience of a KTV… it also saves costs during the construction! 

Let’s have a look at how the acoustic design for the Chamber28 KTV, resulted in a unique-looking entertainment hall in Beijing, by working closely with the talented design team at Studio 8. 

Chamber 28 KTV in Beijing, China

In Chamber28 KTV, every room has a unique theme, linked by one concept influencing the experience of space design – temperature. Each room will represent an extreme natural phenomenon at different temperatures. Together with unique materials and different lighting effects, Chamber28 KTV’s ambiance affects visitors’ senses in various ways, heavily focusing on a sensorial experience. 

Chamber 28 KTV in Beijing, China

In this one-of-a-kind project, our acousticians’ mission included: 

Ensuring each room’s good privacy: by advising on the proper solutions to insulate adjacent karaoke rooms, such as wall thicknesses & characteristics, precautions for implementation, flanking transmissions, etc. 

Maintaining optimal reverberation times: For each space, depending on the size, and function, optimized reverberation targets were defined. It was then close coordination with the interior designers to incorporate the right amount of treatment in their material finishes. This resulted in just the right amount of “echo” in each space, for enhanced listening comfort. Go ahead, sing Andrea Bocelli’s Con Te Partiro (Time to say Goodbye) as you were destined to! 

Chamber 28 KTV in Beijing, China

Studio 8, our client for this job, was happy about our team’s involvement, professionalism, and support. 

“…Although it was the first time working with acoustic consultants, it was very impressive to realize how acoustic aspects can change the quality of a space.  

I also appreciate the support and understanding from Delhom’s side since it was a small sized project, yet Delhom Acoustics’ team was always ready to help with very professional suggestions. 

…We always want to push for the best quality of experience and after having worked with your team, we will surely include acoustics as one of the fundamental considerations in the next projects.” 

Shirley Dong, Founder, and Principal of Studio 8 

Chamber 28 KTV in Beijing, China

We would like to send a big thank you to the Studio 8 team for involving us in this project, taking into consideration our acoustic recommendations, and following these principles to integrate them into their beautiful design intentions. 

Chamber28 KTV is on the right path to becoming one of the top entertainment venues in Beijing, where everyone can enjoy fun-packed moments of singing with their loved ones, in an acoustically treated & unique ambiance! 

Photo credit: Sven Zhang