Club Med: Bringing Acoustic Design to the Hokkaido Mountains

We have brought acoustic comfort to the snowy mountains of Hokkaido, Japan.

Club Med wanted to bring an outstanding sound experience to their customers in their newly renovated resort, Club Med Sahoro Hokkaido. Acoustic comfort plays a pivotal role in setting the atmosphere in a resort and especially key in the highly frequented areas such as the theater and main bar.

This journey towards acoustic comfort in the lobby, the bar & theater areas, started with an on-site audit, to define optimized reverberation time objectives.

Being a design-sensitive company, we then worked as a team with MIAJA Design Group, to integrate the acoustic solutions in their design. By performing simulations of various treatment options and brainstorming with the client and designers, we achieved an adapted solution in terms of acoustic performance, cost and design integration.

Now, customers are able to sip on some Japanese whiskey by the fireplace, after a long day of skiing in the famous powdery slopes of Sapporo, at an acoustically comfortable bar.