Luzech School: Environmentally and Acoustically Friendly

The Luzech school complex is located in the Lot region of France.It was designed under strict environmental guidelines, with the main purpose of preserving the natural environment.

This was mainly done by adapting the structure to mother Earth’s on-site characteristics. It’s an ambitious approach that goes way beyond regulatory constraints! Both the design (building orientation) and the use of high environmental quality equipment played an important role to achieve the targets. Green roofs, rainwater recovery, photovoltaic modules and other details make it a powerful eco-resource facility.

Within the complex, you can find a nursery room, 8 elementary classes that can accommodate 240 students, and a space with a capacity of 450 students, expandable to 600. Knowing that acoustics plays an important role in the cognitive development of students, our team held special attention to the following aspects:

  • Internal Room acoustics (reverberation) to guaranty the acoustic comfort and quality of sound in classrooms and public areas (canteen, lobbies, etc.)
  • Airborne sound insulation to adapt the soundproofing of classrooms from adjacent areas
  • Impact sound insulation
  • Technical equipment noises and vibration

The Luzech school was designed for the students and teachers. It’s a comfortable, functional, efficient, and pleasant place to enjoy learning! Your kids will just LOVE going to school.