Acoustic Consultancy for Mai House Luxury Resort in Hoi An

The Mai House Luxury Golf & Resort is located by the beach, between the city of Danang & the traditional lantern village of Hoi An. Its perfect location makes for a peaceful vacation away from the buzzling city life of Vietnam.

Our team carried out an acoustic study that takes care of all the acoustic problems of a five starts hotel:

  • Reverberation treatment in public areas
  • Control of technical equipment noise & vibrations (HVAC, chillers, generators, etc.)
  • Façade insulation against outside noise (especially from the nearby busy road)
  • Internal Insulation / Soundproofing between sensitive spaces such as guestrooms, ballrooms, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Impact noise control (footsteps, doors banging, etc.) to avoid any noise to be transmitted through the structure.

Once the design phases are finished, our experienced acoustic engineers’ will:

  • Perform multiple on-site visits, to make sure that all acoustic treatments are well implemented
  • Carry out acoustic measurements for mock-up rooms
  • Deliver final acoustic acceptance measurements to make sure that the acoustic standards have been achieved.