Perfect Harmony: Blending Acoustics with Design in Vietnam’s POSH Lounge

POSH is a luxury venue on one of Ho Chi Minh City’s most exclusive boulevards. It’s where big-name DJs and artists pump out very loud music every night. But it’s also where clientele wants to sit and chat over cocktails, without having to yell at each other.

POSH lounge in HCMC, Vietnam

It sounds like an impossible ask. But our client, POSH’s managing company Elements LAIfestyle Group (ELG), and NOVA FnB had high expectations and a pioneering attitude.

They came to us for a cost-effective solution that would deliver the highest sound quality, an elevated customer experience, and an uncompromised design all at the same time.

Defining the POSH sound solution

POSH lounge in HCMC, Vietnam

Our Vietnam team worked closely with our partner, SEN architecture and design studio, holding site visits and joint workshops to implement the acoustic advice during the design development phase.

Through calculations and ‘before and after simulations of the acoustic treatment, we identified that reducing the reverberation time was key and that the lounge bar, where most of the guests gather, would be a main area of focus. Using absorbent materials in the décor would soak up the noise.

The lobby, meanwhile, was completely different. Here, reflective surfaces would provide a striking contrast so that guests would feel like they’re entering a different world and stepping into a bubble.

POSH lounge in HCMC, Vietnam

A beautiful blend of architecture, acoustics, and design

Our design-conscious Vietnamese colleague Anh Nguyen made sure these solutions were incorporated into the architecture during the design process.

The result shows that effective sound treatment does not come at the expense of aesthetics. Integrating acoustic solutions can inspire, rather than inhibit, creativity. It also shows what can be achieved when a pioneering client (ELG’s founder Mr. Trinh Lai and project manager Mr. Minh), our acoustic experts, and our design partners all work together as a team.

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