Social Network’s Office With Acoustic Design Is Here!

At the heart of the vibrant city of Shanghai, you will find a modern office with acoustic design and a breathtaking view of the city’s skyscrapers.

Once you enter the working area, you are immediately covered by a peaceful, relaxing and comfortable environment. The fresh air and luminosity of the room make you feel alive. The conversations are transformed into enjoyable moments with limited distractions.

Firstly, our team of acoustic engineers had the pleasure to merge knowledge and creativity with the extraordinary team of M Moser designers. Together, we brought this magnificent work environment to life by achieving a balance between sound comfort and interior design! As a result, the combination of Chinese oriental design and contemporary style seamlessly integrates acoustic comfort.

The results are not only a visually pleasant but offer a highly acoustically comfortable space for employees.

All in all, it was a very gratifying project working by the side of professional and creative designers. We are glad to have worked on this office with acoustic design. Our team looks forward to keep improving people’s wellbeing and creating pleasant workspaces!

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