Stress-Free Travel at Reunion Airport Thanks to Acoustic Consultancy


Aéroport de La Réunion Roland Garros


Reunion Island


AIA Life Designers

Reunion Island Roland Garros Airport (ARRG) is the hub by which travelers arrive at this tropical paradise. The airport provides a gateway for travelers to access Reunion Island from around the world.

With increasing numbers of visitors to this island paradise, the ARRG needed to expand and prepare for their goal of welcoming 3.16 million visitors by 2025. Expansion of the Mezzanine and the Carpet Zone were a critical part of the airport’s expansion project.

Even with the unique challenges and constraints of this project, our team of expert acoustic engineers will provide Reunion Island Airport with a seamless expansion steeped in scientific expertise and experience. Noise control is an essential aspect to providing the traveler an enjoyable and safe environment. The movement of groups of people, all with accompanying suitcases and banter, along with motorized carts as people hurriedly move through the space, all generate significant noise levels.

Controlled impact noise regulation is key to ensure acoustic comfort for the traveler. The selection of natural ventilation on the mezzanine deck was a particular challenge. It required the envelope of the space to be opened considerably to ensure the transit and natural renewal of air. These physical openings are not consistent with high performance acoustic objectives of façade sound insulation. These openings represent a significant source of noise that needed to be controlled in order to ensure comfort in various spaces.

In order to control the noise from the natural ventilation, our expert acoustic engineers, oriented the ventilation windows to the opposite side of the landing tracks. In another open façade, a screen effect with an existing building that will offer protection against the noise of the aircraft on the runways was utilized. The challenge of multiple sources of noise were significant though not insurmountable for our team. Thus, we are pleased to have created an environment that offers comfort both to passengers as well as the employees of ARRG.