The Opposite House Bar: All About That Invisible Sound Comfort!

Carefully crafted by New York-based design firm AvroKO (via their Bangkok agency), UNION Bar is one of the most attractive public spaces within The Opposite House, a Swire Hotels Group project.

Once you take your first step inside, this 20th-century style bar comes back to life, with a funky twist.

Our mission for the UNION Bar was to optimize the acoustic listening comfort while integrating it perfectly with the proposed interior design.

From the silky curtains to the leather or soft sofas, and screens designed in strips shapes, each item and material plays a role in the acoustic design. You will definitely be attracted by the wooden colors that reminisce an old-fashioned decor, while the strips shape hint at how everything is specifically designed.

For this Union bar, we defined the acoustic objectives and defined worked closely with AvroKO to custom design the internal acoustic treatments (for a musical spectrum), in order to guarantee a listening comfort of the highest quality.