Acoustics for Better Patient Recovery at Limoges Surgery Center


Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Limoges


27.535 m²


Limoges, France


Michel Beauvais associés / Trufier – HUB / Architecte Regards

The regional university hospital center, CHU of Limoges France, was created in 1975. In an effort to modernize and expand it, a new medical and surgical building, with a 340-bed capacity, was added to the existing structure. The aim of this large-scale operation was to provide an urban building with a human dimension, by creating a medico-surgical center whose function would be reflected in the architectural and volumetric layout.

This project embodies the efforts made to improve the range of care available for ambulatory activities and units. The compact nature of the building along with optimal flow, avoids the effect of deadlock throughout the building. Resulting in comfort for both patient and nursing staff was accomplished by ergonomic living and working spaces that respect the human dimension as it combines both comfort and efficiency. To ensure optimal comfort, special attention was paid to the acoustics project as part of the HQE approach. Several determinants were assessed:

  • The insulation of the premises against outside noise.
  • The internal acoustics of the premises.  
  • Limitation of noise and vibrations generated by technical equipment inside the premises. 
  • Acoustic protection of the neighborhood from the noise of technical equipment.

Noise negatively impacts patient’s recovery and can result in increased stress levels as well as fatigue of care assistants. Our team of expert engineers assessed the acoustic insulation of the facades. The exposure to overflight of helicopters posed particular concern and required enforcement of these facades. Additionally, the goal to limit propagation of noise from hospital machines, as well as noise generated from busy corridors, will be achieved by reinforced insulation between rooms and corridors as well as the use of a false ceiling along with a floor with noise absorption properties.

These recommendations by our team of acoustic engineers, has enabled Limoges University Hospital in providing a peaceful and tranquil setting, one that promotes healing for patients and a positive work environment for the staff.