Enriching Eurocampus’ Learning Environment with Acoustic Treatments


Shanghai Yangpu French School & German School


54,798 m²


Shanghai, China


GMP Architekten

Eurocampus Shanghai is the perfect flagship that represents the essence of Franco-German cooperations.

A LEED Platinum certified international school welcoming 1,600 students, Eurocampus places education, well-being and quality first.

There are two separate school buildings that share public and common areas in the campus. Some of the most notable acoustic challenges included the 600 seats theater & auditorium, the canteen – where noise control is vital to support students’ relaxation time between classes – the swimming pool and gymnasium which hosts competitions: reverberation treatment is crucial to ensure speech clarity.

Located in a residential area, this international school also provides outdoor recreation, sports areas and a piazza for students to meet and socialize, therefore one of our challenges was to control the noise impact on the neighborhoods.

Similarly, the school is adjacent to a big avenue subject to noise traffic, so we calculated cost-effective solutions for façade insulation.

Eurocampus is offering high-quality infrastructures for the well-being of their students and teachers. It is a safe and stimulating environment for learning, self-discovery, and improving the personal development of its students.

This project has been LEED Platinum certified, we helped them for the accreditation by focusing on all the acoustic aspects:

  • Internal Room acoustics to guaranty the acoustic comfort and quality of sound in sensitive public areas (classrooms, gymnasium, swimming pool, library, theatres, music room, canteen…)
  • Airborne sound insulation to adapt the soundproofing of classrooms from adjacent areas
  • Impact sound and insulation
  • Technical equipment noise and vibration
  • Façades and roofs insulation against outside /external noises (road traffic)