Luneurs Bakery: Noise Control for Better User’s Experiences

Luneurs is an elegantly designed bakery and ice cream shop, in Shanghai. “Lune” means Moon in French, and Luneurs describes a group of people who are chasing the Moon. The Moon portrays a “silent but sweet” image and transmits different feelings in different corners of the world.

Luneurs shows its unique branding philosophy in a particular way, where acoustic design becomes an essential part of this peaceful space. Although it is located in a buzzing part of the city center, it still provides a warm atmosphere for people passing by.

Knowing how important acoustic comfort is, Luneurs worked with us to ensure their customers can enjoy a pleasant moment in their facility.

We treated the internal room acoustics in order to guaranty comfort and enhance the quality of the sound and speech intelligibility, while also considering airborne sound insulation from noisy areas.