Jlabs: A Co-Working Lab Space… With Sound Comfort!

For this Johnson & Johnson project, innovation is key.

Indeed, it is the first of its kind project in all of Asia Pacific: a 4,400m2 co-working Lab Space.

The JLabs offices are located in Shanghai and can accommodate more than 50 life science and healthcare start-ups, the goal being to encourage innovation in the healthcare sector.

Acoustics played a major role to achieve this co-working Lab concept. Working closely with the Gensler team, we brought acoustic comfort to the users in the facility. For different spaces, we focused on various acoustic aspects:

  • Controlling the reverberation times in the presentation room, meeting rooms, video conference rooms, open plan offices, pantries, etc.
  • Control of technical equipment noise & vibrations (HVAC, chillers, generators, etc.)
  • Insulation, soundproofing between sensitive areas that require speech privacy or confidentiality, and equipment rooms that can impact the user comfort.
  • Background noise (induced by the ventilation system) level control, for each area.
  • A sound masking system has been implemented, carefully used in open plan offices and meeting corridors to help improve the sound confidentiality and privacy of workers.

By working as a team with Gensler, the acoustics are perfectly integrated in the design.